Filtration Soiling



Have you ever noticed dark, dirty areas along the edges of your carpet? This is a common problem known as filtration soiling.

What Causes Filtration Soiling?

The carpet in your Westchester County residence or business acts as an air filtering mechanism, catching pollutants from the environment such as dirt, dust, smoke, pet fur, cooking residues, and ash from fireplaces. Filtration soiling occurs as a result of this debris collecting and settling along carpet edges.

In NYC buildings that have convector systems instead of air ducts, the soil filtration is a result of air drafts. For example, elevators moving up and down, cause air drafts throughout the building. The same is true for windows or anywhere air is flowing.

So How Do I Prevent It?

Prevention is often better than the cure, so here are some tips to help minimize the problem.

Clean Air Ducts

For starters, if your residence or business has air ducts, keep them clear of dust and debris. Cleaning your air ducts at least once a year can minimize unwanted substances from being spread throughout the space.

Change Filters Regularly

The general rule is to clean or change your filter every two to three months, depending on how often you run your heat and air conditioner. Some filters are reusable; others need to be replaced. It’s a good investment to buy a high quality filter and check the instruction manual on the longevity. The more regularly you clean or change the filters, the lower your chances of air pollutants escaping the filters and spreading through the air ducts.

Eliminate the Causes

  • Place doormats at every entrance to minimize any dirt tracking from outside.
  • For your residence, ask family members and guests to smoke outside. If you own a business or residential complex, consider investing in an air door or air curtain. This device prevents smoke and other contaminants from entering the building. In addition, installing double doors at entrances will minimize air drafts.
  • Vacuum and dust on a regular basis to keep your home as pollutant-free as possible.

We Can Help

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This is one of a series of articles written and published  on behalf of Stone and Tile PRO Partners.