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Natural Stone

Marble and Natural Stone Restoration and Maintenance (Yonkers, NY / Westchester County)

Don’t replace, restore!

Many people think that if their natural stone—marble, granite, travertine, slate, etc.—looks bad (i.e. a bad installation, dull, stained, scratched, chipped, cracked, uneven tiles) that they can either choose to live with it or they have to replace it. When it comes to natural stone, nothing can be further from the truth.

Natural stone can be restored to look brand new. Uneven surfaces can be ground flat. Broken and chipped tiles can be repaired. Stains and discolorations can be resolved. Dull uneven finishes can be polished or honed to a uniform consistency. The stone’s finish itself can be changed from a high polished one to a honed or antique finish or vice versa. At Hi-Tech Cleaning Services, we bring expertise to whatever kind of natural stone you have…


Has your marble become dull, etched, stained or chipped? We can restore it to look as good as the day it was installed. Our expert technicians are highly trained in marble repair, restoration, and maintenance. ...

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Travertine Cleaning & Repair

No matter what your travertine needs are, from a deep cleaning to filling holes, to complete resurfacing, our stone restoration technicians can perform these services for you......

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Terrazzo Polishing

Terrazzo is a conglomerate of marble chips of different sizes and colors held together with a cement, resin or epoxy base. Even old, damaged terrazzo can be restored to like new...

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Granite Repair

If your granite has become scratched, chipped or is in need of sealing, give us a call. Our granite experts know what it takes to restore repair it....

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