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Projects / Case Studies

  • Luxury Lobby and Elevator Refinished

    Luxury Lobby and Elevator Refinished

    We restored the natural polish to this travertine. The property manager was so pleased with the outcome of our work...

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  • Marble Vanity Top

    Marble Vanity Top

    Marble vanity tops can become dull over time, especially if exposed to wrong cleaning products...

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  • Chipped Granite Repair

    Chipped Granite Repair

    If your granite countertops become chipped, they can be repaired to virtually invisible...

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  • Marble Floor Polishing

    Marble Floor Polishing

    If your marble floors have become dull, etched or scratched, they can be restored to like new....

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  • Etch Removal

    Etch Removal

    Etching is one of the most common problems faced by marble owners. Many mistakenly refer to it as a stain...

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