New York Subway Station Clean Up

Client : The MTA (New York subway system)
Info : Clean and revitalize dirty subway stations

Subway Cleanup

The New York Subway system is the heart of the city. Since New York never sleeps, the subway system doesn’t either. It runs 24/7 and provides needed transportation to millions of people. They know they can go to work, shop, play, have a night out, or catch up with friends and the subways will be there for them. However, with that many people, all trying to do the same thing 24/7, wear and tear, accidents and mischief happen. The subway stations get dirty and need to be cleaned and revitalized.

Project: Clean New York’s busiest subway stations

Our Challenge: Erase decades of use and abuse including the removal of dust, dirt, graffiti, remnants of spills, animal droppings and gum. (Lots and lots of gum!) Hi-Tech Cleaning Services was tasked with cleaning  the floors, walls, the mosaic tiles on the walls, ceilings, lights and overhead pipes.

 Our Process: 

The time frame varied from station to station. Some jobs were 48 hours straight, some were overnight for 5 days. There were different crews on each project ranging from 20-90 person teams. No matter the time frame or the size of the station, our process, which incorporated logistical efficiency and proficient timing allowed us to pass a rigorous daily inspection process by MTA inspectors.

First: Team members hand cleaned all the overhead lights, pipes, and conduits. These were coated in decades of dirt, dust, grime animal feces, and break dust. As shown in our video, we set up an assembly line of ladders and scaffolding to clean and inspect each fixture. This assembly line approach allowed us to clean and inspect each pipe and fixture in a minimum amount of time while doing quality, labor intensive work.

Second:  After we finished cleaning the conduits, pipes, and lights, we needed to clean and revitalize the floors, walls and ceilings. Our teams were split up with various members assigned to each task. Multiple cleaning methods were used including steam, pressure washing and chemical treatments. These different methods were chosen specifically for the various types of surfaces and contaminants we needed to handle.

After Hi-Tech completed the first station cleaning, the MTA was so impressed with the results and our attention to detail that they assigned us multiple stations to clean and revitalize throughout the five boroughs.

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