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Travertine Cleaning & Repair

Travertine Cleaning and Repair | Yonkers, NY

Travertine repaired, polished, and restored

Hi-Tech Cleaning Services can restore the look of your travertine floors and surfaces. Our professional technicians are highly trained in travertine restoration and know how to resolve any problems you may have, from deep cleaning to complete resurfacing.

After your travertine is restored, we can seal it to inhibit staining where this may be a problem.

Holes in Travertine

Travertine is a unique stone in that there are small, naturally occurring holes in it that generally come filled from the factory. In time, the holes may become exposed, allowing soils of all kinds to accumulate in these voids. Hi-Tech Cleaning Services can repair these holes with special fillers made just for this purpose, then re-surface and seal if required.

Resurfacing Travertine

Travertine finishes can range from a satiny shine to a honed rustic look. Whichever finish your floors are, if they have become dull or worn, we can restore the finish to like new. If you want to completely change the look, we can completely change it from a polished to a honed finish or vice versa. Lippage (uneven tiles) can be flattened to a level surface as well.

Caring for your Travertine

Visit our Caring For It page to download our Stone and Tile Care Guide. This guide will arm you with valuable care tips. Every one to two years, or as needed, your travertine should be professionally cleaned and  sealed if necessary.

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