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Mats and Runners

Floor Mats and Runners

We’ve got great news.

You can reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents and save your company money with a simple, affordable solution — heavy duty mats and runners.

Excess moisture and large chunks of debris or small particles like sand and grit are deposited on mats and runners from the soles of shoes as people come and go. That means less of this unwanted, damage-causing material makes its way to your natural stone, tile and grout, or carpeted floors. Consequently, you’ll save money on maintenance costs and cleaning solutions.

Quality mats and runners in doorways and high-traffic areas are a smart business decision.

Custom Cut and Installed Mats and Runners

Hi-Tech Cleaning Services provides custom cut and installed mats and runners, made of easy-to-maintain, durable, high-quality materials in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. We custom cut your new mats and runners to fit your specific requirements for walkways, hallways, corridors, entrances, exits, or any other floors that are exposed to moisture or the elements.

Contact us online or call (914) 423-4600 today to learn more about our safe, attractive, comfortable mats and runners Westchester county, Yonkers and the New York City area.